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2018 Urban Oasis 都市綠洲

作品名稱:都市綠洲 | Title: Urban Oasis

藝術家:温孟瑜 | Artists: Wen, Meng Yu

策劃單位:蔚龍藝術有限公司 | Curated by: Blue dragon Art Company

年代:2018 | Year: 2018

材質:鋁合金板、聚氯乙烯 | Material: Aluminium Composite Panels, Polyvinyl Chloride

尺寸:728x270公分、368x270公分 | Dimensions (cm): W728 x H270, W368 x H270

管理維護單位:臺北大眾捷運股份有限公司 | Maintained by: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation




This installation provides an indoor view across the beloved Nangang Park.

A short walk from Houshanpi Metro Station to Nangang Park transports you from the city to nature. The Park offers beautiful lakes and mountains, and the clear, natural ponds are home to many aquatic flora and fauna. Over the glistening ripples of the lake flies the elegant egret. Along the park trails, the air is filled with the fragrance of the plants, making it hard to hold on to our worldly cares, just longing to linger in the quiet atmosphere.

This piece aims to relay the experience of Nangang Park to passengers travelling through the Metro station, reminding us of our yearning for beauty and good. When we contemplate the details of daily life depicted in this artwork, it is the interactive magic between the colorful palette and the space of the Metro station at work.

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