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      The progress of my works started with the patchwork records in life. I keep “the scraps and emotions from things that happened before” in my words and pictures. In these, I capture the true self of the everyday condition, especially the cumulative thickness of life that is so intimately chained with the surroundings, the time, and the memories. This kind of “truth” comes from the moments while emotions entangle with the subjects in life. Facing this “truth,” what I have done isn’t reproducing them, but to keep the subtle connections between subjects and spaces, and then try to stimulate the situations in life and reconstruct the appearance of it.

      I try to think furniture and subjects as incarnations of relationships between human. They are functional, and they also “imply things” while existing in the reorganized daily spaces. While creating with the base of daily life, what I personally pursue is to transfer the personal daily intimation into a shared scene. These things have their own memories and emotional attribution, and they’re telling their own stories in a quiet speech.


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