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2018 Luxembourg Art Prize 盧森堡藝術獎

The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international prize organised by the Pinacothèque of Luxembourg, a private not-for-profit exhibition space in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Every year the Prize aims to discover talents, amateur or professional, regardless of age and nationality. The ambition of the Prize is to accelerate the careers of little-known artists through a group exhibition by the finalists and support from the international network of Prize finalists, in existence since 2015.

盧森堡藝術獎是一項年度國際獎項,由位於盧森堡大公國的非營利性私人博物館式展覽場所組織,即盧森堡美術館(Pinacothèque de Luxembourg)。該獎項旨在每年挖掘有才華的藝術家,面向藝術愛好者 和專業藝術家,沒有年齡和國籍限制。自2015年以來,該獎項可加快不知名藝術家的職業生涯,為入圍藝術家舉辦群展。

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